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Hamaspik Choice is the latest initiative in our aim to provide global assistance to the communities we serve. Hamaspik Choice is a member of NYSHA, Inc. (New York State Hamaspik Association.)

New York State Hamaspik Association Inc. (NYSHA) is a statewide non-profit organization representing a network of member agencies that provide essential health and human services for people in need and their families.

NYSHA members operate as independent not-for-profit agencies that provide support services in a local area, such as a county, city, town or village. All agencies are joined under the Hamaspik umbrella association, reflecting one basic ideal of helping people with compassionate and personalized care.

The mission and philosophy of Hamaspik agencies is inspired from the Hebrew meaning of the word, which translates to "Provider." From day one of the first Hamaspik organization and to this day, our members strive to provide a variety of necessary health and human services in a community setting, treating all consumers and their dearest with utmost respect and dignity, enabling them to make their own choices and enjoy the highest quality of life.

A wide spectrum of programs is available through Hamaspik agencies in our association. From personal aides in your own home to personalized care in group-homes, from annual retreats to after school respite, from durable medical equipment to traumatic brain injury assistance, from special day camps to medical referrals - your local Hamaspik is the best resource to obtain any support program you need.

Noble as it is to provide health and human services for many thousands of people, Hamaspik agencies take pride in helping people even more compassionately on the basis of community and integration. Hamaspik agencies primarily serve families in the Orthodox Jewish community, and most agencies reflect the same traditional identity in terms of staff, group-home settings and overall agency environment of loving kindness.

In a broader sense, NYSHA and all Hamaspik agencies play a vital role in the major and famously-positive trend amongst health and human service organizations to shift their approach from rigid linear structures to new "individualized" systems of care, stressing the needs of a person first and then utilizing supportive programs to address those needs, rather than the other way around.

As the association for Hamaspik agencies, NYSHA is the solid foundation upon which members rely on for such dynamic functions as organizational stability, effective advocacy, community outreach, training curriculum, medical research, family support initiatives and more. The association provides guidance to parents and/or friends etc. who wish to open a local Hamaspik in their community, as well as to existing independent agencies who want to join NYSHA, in order to take advantage of the breadth of resources that such a statewide association provides every step of the way.

NYSHA is proud to bring together Hamaspik agencies that are firmly committed to providing the highest quality of services, through kind and professional staff, enabling people with health challenges to enjoy a vibrant life amongst their family, friends and community.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Reside in one of the covered counties; Rockland, Orange Sullivan, Dutchess, Putnam and Ulster.
  • Be Medicaid eligible
  • Able to remain in your home environment
  • In need of community based long term care service
Hamaspik Choice is a Managed Long Term Care Plan (MLTCP) contracted with the State of New York to
provide you with a variety of healthcare services. Hamaspik Choice will strive to provide a top patient
satisfaction rating. Featuring professionals with years of healthcare experience and the ability to
provide unparalleled levels of care, devotion and dedication to upholding the sterling reputation that
we have earned, Hamaspik Choice is looking forward to serving you.



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Hamaspik Choice welcomes competent professional individuals who wish to pursue a career in health care.

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Hamaspik Choice gives you competitive rates, access to a fast-growing and loyal patient base, and-most importantly-hassle-free, efficient and timely claims processing.

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Hamaspik Choice, a member of NYSHA, Inc. is the latest initiative in our aim to provide global assistance to the communities we serve.

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